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Wooden Dining Table Online Shopping India (6 Seaters)

Add Character and elegance to the dining room with the 6 seater glass and wooden dining table. Capable of seating up to six people, this stylishly modern table will enhance the look of any room. Finely crafted with expertises, who understand the customer expectations and tastes. These dining tables mostly comes in a rectangular shape and it accomodates 6 chairs.may be comes in a solid wood and glass material otherwise combination of both solid wood and glass top.

Have a glance on our collections to pick right one for your dining room.

6 Seater Dining Sets

6 Seater Dining Sets,Nitraa,Augusta Six Seater Dining Table

Augusta Six Seater Dining Table

This contemporary dining set comes with a table and 6 chairs. Top of the table is well construct using MDF, supporting legs made of klien-dried solid wood for long durability. Choose this best dining set right today to start beautify your dining area as you like it.
Code No: NES 8953
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6 Seater Dining Sets,Nitraa,Sydney 6 Seater Dining Set

Sydney 6 Seater Dining Set

This beautiful and attractive dining set is made of solid wood and adding value to your dining space. Six wooden chairs with seating cushion are available with this set.
Code No: NES 2613
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6 Seater Dining Sets,Nitraa,DT-Selina Wooden Dining Table (6 Seater)

DT-Selina Wooden Dining Table (6 Seater)

Made out of Solid wood.When dilated utterly, the spacious surface makes it a completely useful table for 6 seater feeding arrangement
Code No: NES 8855
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Dining Table with Chair in India

Berlin Wooden Dining Set (6 Seater)

"A casual Dining Set perfect for an intimate dining room, the simple contemporary design make this an outstanding dining set.Available in 6 seater. It is made of rubberwood, melamine finish. Chair with foam seat.Cushion with fabric cover. "
Code No: NES 2603
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6 Seater Dining Sets,Nitraa,Geneva Glass Top Dining Set (6 Seater)

Geneva Glass Top Dining Set (6 Seater)

Sleek and chic, this dining set comes complete with a Six-person rectangular table with a white glass top and shiny chrome-finished legs.
Code No: NES 2606
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6 Seater Dining Sets,Nitraa,DT-Ravenna Six Seater Dining Set

DT-Ravenna Six Seater Dining Set

This trustrong Dining Table made out of Wood Finish.Designed just right, this brown colored, 6-seater feeding set is unquestionably match your meals
Code No: NES 8676
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6 Seater Dining Sets,Nitraa,DT-Nelson Wooden Dining Set (6 Seater)

DT-Nelson Wooden Dining Set (6 Seater)

Made out of Solid wood.Our superbly crafted, this solid wood 4-seater table is formed of superior quality
Code No: NES 8670
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6 Seater Dining Sets,Nitraa,DT-Quattro Glass Top Dining Set (6 Seater)

DT-Quattro Glass Top Dining Set (6 Seater)

Spanwud Dining Set with glass dining table with a black or white under shelf with 6 faux leather chairs
Code No: NES 8839
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