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Coffee Tables

Coffee & Side Tables,Nitraa,Geneva Brown Coffee Table

Geneva Brown Coffee Table

The stylish and unique design of this glass top coffee table make it an attractive addition to any living room. It comes with bottom shelves, you can store your morning newspaper and magazines. 
Code No: NES 8280
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Coffee & Side Tables,Nitraa,Daffodil Oval Coffee Table

Daffodil Oval Coffee Table

Daffodil coffee table is innovatively designed, oval in shape. This beautiful coffee table is perfectly matching to any modern living room. The base of this table is made using carved chrome legs.
Code No: NES 8287
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Coffee & Side Tables,Nitraa,Hibiscus Coffee Table

Hibiscus Coffee Table

Hibiscus coffee table is traditional in design, manufactured using impregnated melamine prelaminated particle board for long lasting durability. This table is matching for old age home interiors. 
Code No: NES 2500
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Coffee & Side Tables,Nitraa,Hibiscus Oval Coffee Table

Hibiscus Oval Coffee Table

This oval coffee table is the right choice for any traditionally designed home. The table is 45 cm in height, is perfectly matching with other collection of furnitures at your home.
Code No: NES 2501
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Coffee & Side Tables,Nitraa,Berlin Glass Coffee Table

Berlin Glass Coffee Table

Berlin glass coffee table is creative in design. The top glass consists of carved design at sides, artmanship of this elegant coffee table is appreciable. The glass top is supported by chrome legs.
Code No: NES 8278
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Coffee & Side Tables,Nitraa,Barcelona Glass Top Coffee Table

Barcelona Glass Top Coffee Table

When it comes to adorning your living room, this coffee table is an attractive way to go. Transform your home decor into something exciting with this contemporary design coffee table. 
Code No: NES 8279
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Coffee & Side Tables,Nitraa,Alin Glass Coffee Table

Alin Glass Coffee Table

Alin glass coffee table is sleek and stylish in appearance. This contemporary design coffee table includes bottom shelf for extra storage. The tempered glass top is accompained with bottom shelf using steel support. 
Code No: NES 8281
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Coffee & Side Tables,Nitraa,Soho Wooden Coffee Table

Soho Wooden Coffee Table

Soho wooden coffee table has a natural feel. It inculdes a seperate shelf for magazines, newspapers etc. helps you to keep your things organized and the top top clear.
Code No: NES 8694
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Coffee & Side Tables,Nitraa,Olive Modern Coffee Table

Olive Modern Coffee Table

Olive modern coffee table is sleek in design, comfortable to place anywhere in your living room, made using glass with black coated steel legs for landing.
Code No: NES 8286
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Coffee & Side Tables,Nitraa,Iris Glass Coffee Table

Iris Glass Coffee Table

Iris coffee table is contemporary in style, table top made of rectangular black glass, V-shaped metal base in chrome finish a tempered black glass top and V-shaped support base sure to be the focal point of the room.
Code No: NES 8292
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Coffee & Side Tables,Nitraa,Sydney Wooden Coffee Table

Sydney Wooden Coffee Table

Sydney wooden coffee table is a lovely coffee table, that adds a rich looks to any decor, constructed with solid wood to ensure long lasting and attractive finish. Bottom storage provides additional storage for magazines, books and other essentials.
Code No: NES 8284
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Coffee & Side Tables,Nitraa,Daffodil Round Coffee Table

Daffodil Round Coffee Table

Daffodil coffee table is round shaped coffee table contains top glass table, place it in your living room to adds more attractions to your home, it consists of bottom shelf to store your essentials
Code No: NES 8288
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Coffee & Side Tables,Nitraa,Oritz Wooden Coffee Table

Oritz Wooden Coffee Table

This superb ecofles coffee table boasts a delightful slat design of the side ties which gives this stylish form to the spacious rectangular top. Classic in style and it adds a touch of class to your living room.
Code No: NES 8686
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Coffee & Side Tables,Nitraa,Beslin Glass Coffee Table

Beslin Glass Coffee Table

Finlight glass coffee table is made using rectangular clear glass, that brings more stylish in appearance to your living room, the table base is accompained with metal to ensure long lasting durability, has bottom glass shelf for storing your essentials.
Code No: NES 8290
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Coffee & Side Tables,Nitraa,Erwin Glass Coffee Table

Erwin Glass Coffee Table

Coffee tables are versatile pieces of furniture that adds style to any living room, rose coffee table is expertly crafted with glass top and table bottom constructed using standard wood that complements modern and transitional to any home decors.
Code No: NES 8295
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Coffee & Side Tables,Nitraa,Milan Glass Coffee Table

Milan Glass Coffee Table

Milan coffee table consists of additional storage shelf at the bottom to store your essentials like magazines, newspapers etc, modern in style bottom finishing with steel legs to ensure long lasting durability.
Code No: NES 8282
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Coffee & Side Tables,Nitraa,Lisa Modern Glass Coffee Table

Lisa Modern Glass Coffee Table

Daisy coffee table is finely crafted using rectangular glass at top, bottom support of the table is made using quality wood to ensure long lasting durability and it walnut finish brings more attraction to your living room.
Code No: NES 8291
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Coffee & Side Tables,Nitraa,Harley Glass Coffee Table

Harley Glass Coffee Table

Trulight coffee table is very attractive piece of furniture, adding this to any home decor brings rich in appearance, you can place this table in your office reception table to attract your clients who visiting for impotant deals with pleasure.
Code No: NES 8285
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Coffee & Side Tables,Nitraa,Luna Wooden Coffee Table

Luna Wooden Coffee Table

Luna wudkick coffee table is crafted with accurate dimensions and its appearance as natural wood, that adds a traditional looks to your living room. Made using seasoned wood, this table has lower shelf to store your essentials.
Code No: NES 8681
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Coffee & Side Tables,Nitraa,Elena Modern Coffee Table

Elena Modern Coffee Table

Ultra modern coffee table is crafted with durable wood, made out of impregnated melamine pre laminated particle board, warp-resistant veneers, and sleek chrome, this dual-functioning piece marries a square coffee table and end table in one smart footprint.
Code No: NES 8296
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Coffee & Side Tables,Nitraa,Sienna Wooden Coffee Table

Sienna Wooden Coffee Table

Golden fresh coffee table is simple in appearance, natural wood finish, it surely brings a rich looks to your home if you add it in your living room.
Code No: NES 8679
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Coffee & Side Tables,Nitraa,Carlson Glass Coffee Table

Carlson Glass Coffee Table

The black glass top adds more attraction to this daffodil coffee table, unique in style and bottom of the table is crafted using rectangular metal base for better support.
Code No: NES 8289
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Christie Luxury Coffee Table

Donplus coffee table model looks special consists of adjustable drawers and shelves comfortably, easy to assemble and it is made using impregnated pre laminated particle board.
Code No: NES 8297
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Coffee & Side Tables,Nitraa,Susan Wooden Coffee Table

Susan Wooden Coffee Table

Medora coffee table is simple in appeal, natural wood finish, finely crafted with accurate dimensions to make it very comfortable for any living room.
Code No: NES 8691
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Coffee & Side Tables,Nitraa,Nebel Wooden Coffee Table

Nebel Wooden Coffee Table

Tamplux coffee table is very sleek in appearance, natural wood finish, it ensures the long lasting durations. This natural piece of furniture is a perfect suit for any modern home. 
Code No: NES 8680
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Coffee & Side Tables,Nitraa,Flavia Wooden Coffee Table

Flavia Wooden Coffee Table

Nimex royal coffee table is very rich in appearance, expertly crafted, accented with four small side drawers and nickel finished knobs to store your essential things safely. Made using solid wood to ensure long lasting durations. 
Code No: NES 8689
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Coffee & Side Tables,Nitraa,Cairo Wooden Coffee Table

Cairo Wooden Coffee Table

Kenroy coffee table that will be a stunning centerpiece for your living room, this rectangular coffee table is a fantastic choice, the spacious top surface will accent any items you choose to display on it such as ornaments and family photos.
Code No: NES 8690
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Coffee & Side Tables,Nitraa,Lasse Wooden Coffee Table

Lasse Wooden Coffee Table

Bistro cafe table is a natural wood finish, well designed with two drawers and crafted using best quality of woods to assure long lasting durations, very sleek in appearance adds more elegance to your home.
Code No: NES 8683
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Buy Round Glass Coffee Table Online Delhi Jaipur A

Rubino Round Coffee Table

This carlton royal coffee table is unique in appearance, made out from quality high gloss substances to ensure its rich looks and long lasting durations.
Code No: NES 8299
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Coffee & Side Tables,Nitraa,Panama Wooden Coffee Table

Panama Wooden Coffee Table

Geotex coffee table is expertly crafted from premier quality woods, manufactured with three drawers at bottom for a additional storage of your essentials in organised ways. 
Code No: NES 8688
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