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Office Furniture Online Shopping India

An office room is generally a room, where lot of official or administrative work is done, it is orginally a place for one's duty. The essential purpose of office room, is to encourage its occupants in performing their works. In fact, offices are constructed with individual cabins, conference rooms, lounges, reception, cafeteria and other rooms for allied activities. Some offices also have a kitchen areas, where workers can make their lunches etc. So every offices needs to be fill up with essential furnitures to get fulfill their needs. 

We enlists the varied inventory of office furnitures, like modular workstations, office tables, discussion tables, conference tables, executive chairs, work station chairs and visitor chairs etc. All our furniture ranges are well suited for any modern office interiors, available in various color, finishes with more advanced features. 

Our innovatively designed furniture are surely add more elegance to your office room, check out our varied models and pick the right one at best prices.

Office Room

Office Discussion tables Online Chennai

Waltsun Discussion Table

Waltsun Triangle Office Discussion Table made of Prelaminated Particle Board.
Code No: NES 3250
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Visitor Chair in Chennai Bangalore Hyderabad

Austin Visitor Chair

This marvelously designed office chair holds the secret to healthy seating. Experience the best-in-class comfort on this premium cushioned fibers and the cotton mesh back that provides extensive lumbar support. 
Code No: NES 1023
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Leather Medium Back Chair in Faridabad Assam

Austin Medium Back Chair

Enabled with a central tilt mechanism, it can be conveniently adjusted to desired reclining positions. The soft leatherite finish and padded armrests provide great comfort while looking luxurious. Sturdy and durable, the nylon base provides greater stability. 
Code No: NES 1022
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Leather High Back Chair In Bhopal Jaipur Gurgaon

Austin High Back Chair

Innovative, its high-back support system helps in sustaining healthful posture throughout the day. High quality leatherite padding is crush resistant and durable to remain fresh for a long time.
Code No: NES 1021
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Round Discussion Tables Online India

Zetario Round Discussion Table

Flaminoz Round Discussion Table made of Prelaminated Particle Board
Code No: NES 3251
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Workstations,Nitraa,Eiffiel Office Workstation

Eiffiel Office Workstation

Damastik Modular Office Workstation made of prelaminated Particle Board.Finished with Cherry Finish
Code No: NES 3500
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Conference Tables,Nitraa,Richmond Conference Table

Richmond Conference Table

White collar office conference table made of Prelaminated Particle Board
Code No: NES 3202
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High Back Chair in Chennai Bangalore

Coasta High Back Chair

A fine addition to modern workspaces is this stylish office chair in black. Sporting a well cushioned seat with a tall back and headrest, the chair meets the requirement of luxury and comfort that your body needs.
Code No: NES 1000
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