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Sofa Cum Beds

Sofa Beds,Nitraa,Akbar Sofa Cum Bed

Akbar Sofa Cum Bed

Luwan sofa bed is made up of impregnated melamine prelaminated particle board, it comes with bottom storage with front sliding panel to extend its presence and store store your things comfortably inside. 
Code No: NES 8594
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Tribeca Sofa Cum Bed

Bring home this modern sofa bed that looks smart and is functional at the same time. The base is rectangular in shape, that allows you to comfortably extending the attached mattress into bed. 
Code No: NES 8590
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Elina Elegant Sofa Cum Bed

Elina sofa cum bed is simple in design but striking with the combination of designed upholstery and extended sofa bed. This sofa is converted manually into a sofa bed in a matter of seconds by extending.
Code No: NES 2700
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Howden Sofa Cum Bed

Howden sofa cum bed is the right choice for your home. If you like comfortness with multi utility, then this will fulfill all your expectations as you need it. Extendable features to convert into bed is unique in details. 
Code No: NES 8593
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Aster Modern Sofa Bed

Aster sofa bed is most elegant in appearance. Add this contrasting sofa cum bed to your home or office entrance, it draws everyone attention by its unique design and additional stuff.
Code No: NES 8589
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Sofa Beds,Nitraa,Futon Modern Sofa Cum Bed

Futon Modern Sofa Cum Bed

If you like luxurious, then choose this futon sofa cum bed for your modern home. It consists of extendable mechanism, that support the extended portion by converting into bed. 
Code No: NES 8824
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