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Modern Black Sofa Set in Chennai

SS Settee 2+1+1 Modern Sofa Set

This contemporary, mix and match ss-sette sofa set will add total glamour to any modern home. Upholstery in the beautiful black finish, highlights its presence. Seat cushions and fixed back cushions are foam filled for comfort and support to the occupants. You can add this elegant sofa set to your small reception area and living room. 
Code No: NES 2019
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Tv Stands,Nitraa,Geneva Flat Panel TV Stand

Geneva Flat Panel TV Stand

This Black TV Stand is a beautiful and a functional piece of furniture that will help you update your entertainment center. This sturdy stand is specially meant for flat panel TVs and It also includes two storage compartments for your media devices, such DVD players and speakers. The Black finish is sure to be a stylish addition to your home. With an engineered wood construction, this flat panel TV stan
Code No: NES 8256
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Diwan,Nitraa,Goldplus Bottom Storage Diwan Set

Goldplus Bottom Storage Diwan Set

Goldplus diwan is a compact furniture for all modern home. If you like to give grand inviting for your friends, realations and other colse one's, then this will be the right choice for you. The tufted cushion fabric with compact bolsters and throw pillows give you modern appeal.
Code No: NES 5076
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Wooden Sofas,Nitraa,Kincox 3+1+1 Solid Wood Sofa Set

Kincox 3+1+1 Solid Wood Sofa Set

This wooden sofa set is the right choice for your living room. It is made from premier quality kiln-dried solid wood for long durability. This set consists of a three seater and other 2 single seater. 
Code No: NES 10006
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3+1+1 Antique Sofa Set in New Delhi

SS Oriole 3+1+1 Wooden Sofa Set

This is a beautifully crafted contemporary wooden sofa set, drapped by best quality linen and it seats up to 5 people comfortably without any issues. Resting on hard wood, which ensures its durability. 
Code No: NES 2021
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Sofa Beds,Nitraa,Akbar Sofa Cum Bed

Akbar Sofa Cum Bed

Luwan sofa bed is made up of impregnated melamine prelaminated particle board, it comes with bottom storage with front sliding panel to extend its presence and store store your things comfortably inside. 
Code No: NES 8594
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Sofas,Nitraa,Premium Wooden Sofaset (3+1+1+CT+ST)

Premium Wooden Sofaset (3+1+1+CT+ST)

The perfect suit for persons who wants to transform their home into luxurious. Simple in design, upholstered by white glittering fabric that add special appearance to this sofa. This structure of this contemporary style furniture is just right to place anywhere in your living room. The entire set is rests on tiny crafted solid wood.
Code No: NES 2009
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Bookcase,Nitraa,Oxford Bookshelf Package (All in 1 Set)

Oxford Bookshelf Package (All in 1 Set)

Code No: NES 5110
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Tv Stands,Nitraa,Barcelona Wooden Tv Unit

Barcelona Wooden Tv Unit

The barcelona wooden Tv unit is simple, yet elegant and excels in all departments. It's gorgeous design allowing it to fit in to any modern setting, whilst its practical usage gives you plenty of storage.
Code No: NES 8255
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Sofas,Nitraa,Gordan 2+2+1 Trendy Sofa Set

Gordan 2+2+1 Trendy Sofa Set

Browne collection by nitraa furniture is the perfect match for any modern office or home, with it appearance and artmanship everybody is fallen into love this sofa. Only top grade materials are used to built this construct this sofa. 
Code No: NES 8816
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Sectionals Sofas,Nitraa,SS Derby Modern L Shape Sofa Set

SS Derby Modern L Shape Sofa Set

SS Derby L shape sofa is designed as per traditional style, the silky upholstery and contrasting bottom cover is matching with all modern home interiors. Add this sofa to your living room, which is definitely eye-popping for your guests, who is visiting this sofa for first time.
Code No: NES 2016
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Bean Bag,Nitraa,Leira Royal Blue Bean Bag

Leira Royal Blue Bean Bag

Make your most of the time on this elegant lounge, just add this anywhere in your room, easy to move around, adjust as per the dimensions you required. It contatin polystrene beans inside, that provide you maximum comfortness while accessing it. 
Code No: NES 8971
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Bean Bag,Nitraa,Leira Skyblue Bean Bag

Leira Skyblue Bean Bag

Transform your room or living space into modern environment with add-on this luxurious bean bag. It makes you feel happy and stay professional, if you access it for important meeting or hang out with friends. 
Code No: NES 8970
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Bean Bag,Nitraa,Leira Red Bean Bag

Leira Red Bean Bag

Decorate your home space with this contrasting bean bag, it draws everyone attention at first look, charming and definitely eye catching. It makes you feel good and comfortable all the time while accessing.
Code No: NES 8969
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Bean Bag,Nitraa,Leira Purple Bean Bag

Leira Purple Bean Bag

Adorn your living space with this modern bean bag, if you like to create an luxurious appeal to your home. Definitely this purple bean bag is the right choice for you, made from top quality vinyl leather fabric.
Code No: NES 8968
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Bean Bag,Nitraa,Leira Pink Bean Bag

Leira Pink Bean Bag

Create an luxury lounge in your home, with addition of this contemporary bean bags. If you want to hang out with friends, ideal environment is must to spend your timings all together with your friends. 
Code No: NES 8967
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Bean Bag,Nitraa,Leira Orange Bean Bag

Leira Orange Bean Bag

This most popular bean bags are made from vinyl leather fabric, contrasting finish with modern accent brings more attraction to your living space. Main feature is that move around anywhere in your home dining area, cafeteria and even place it in garden areas.
Code No: NES 8966
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Bean Bag,Nitraa,Leira Maroon Bean Bag

Leira Maroon Bean Bag

If you're looking for better place to relax yourself at home, definitely this high quality bean bags are the right choice for you. It is filled using polystyrene beans, that ensures its maximum comfortness for occupants.
Code No: NES 8965
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Bean Bag,Nitraa,Leira Dark Maroon Bean Bag

Leira Dark Maroon Bean Bag

Bring in a distinctive sense of style to your room with addition of the contrasting bean bag. It is made using vinyl leather fabric, this bean bag is durable and will bring an playful environment to your living space. 
Code No: NES 8964
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Bean Bag,Nitraa,Leira Brown Bean Bag

Leira Brown Bean Bag

Experience the maximum comfortness with this elegant bean bags. You can used this modern bean bags instead of normal chairs at your home, it is very easy to accomodate, move around comfortably. Easy to refill, clean whenever you required it.
Code No: NES 8963
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Bean Bag,Nitraa,Leira Black Bean Bag

Leira Black Bean Bag

Enjoy your leisure time at home with this leira modern bean bag. Easy to move around, you can place it living room, bedroom, cafeteria and anywhere in your home. Contrasting finish of bag is adding more attraction to your home.
Code No: NES 8962
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Bookcase,Nitraa,Om Book Rack - Medium

Om Book Rack - Medium

Made out from superior quality PU laminated particle board
Code No: NES 8873
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Bookcase,Nitraa,Om Book Rack - Large

Om Book Rack - Large

Made out from top graded PU laminated particle board
Code No: NES 8874
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Bookcase,Nitraa,Om Book Rack - All in One Package

Om Book Rack - All in One Package

All 3 different sizes of book racks are made out of PU laminated particle board
Code No: NES 8875
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Bookcase,Nitraa,Om Book Rack - Small

Om Book Rack - Small

Made out from high grade PU laminated particle board
Code No: NES 8872
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Living Room Sets,Nitraa,Laayr White Leather Sectional

Laayr White Leather Sectional

Code No: NES 8863
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Sofa Beds,Nitraa,Futon Modern Sofa Cum Bed

Futon Modern Sofa Cum Bed

If you like luxurious, then choose this futon sofa cum bed for your modern home. It consists of extendable mechanism, that support the extended portion by converting into bed. 
Code No: NES 8824
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Sectionals Sofas,Nitraa,Lexiplus L-Shape Sectional Sofa Set

Lexiplus L-Shape Sectional Sofa Set

Lexiplus L shape sectional sofa is modern in design, featured with plain upholstered back rest and tufted fabric cushion seat. It brings more comfortness for occupants while using back rests, to ensure its, each seat is filled using high density foam and tufted carefully to product better look.
Code No: NES 8823
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Sofas,Nitraa,Magna 3+2+1 Latest Recliner Sofa Set

Magna 3+2+1 Latest Recliner Sofa Set

Seat yourself in excelled comfort and deluxe style with this white colored sofa. The covered leather upholstery in generously padded arm rest, back rest cushion ensures the comfortable seating experience. Accent stitching further accentuated the sofa leather for a tailored finish.
Code No: NES 8822
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Sectionals Sofas,Nitraa,Luzia Leather Sectional Sofa Set

Luzia Leather Sectional Sofa Set

Luzia sectional sofa is casually styled furniture for today's home. This modern sectional is an exceprional fit for your modern or contemporary living room decor. Rick black microfiber and leather like vinyl lend a two-tone look to the sectional's seat and base, adding plush comfort and eye-catching style.
Code No: NES 8821
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Sofas,Nitraa,Lindson 3+2+1 Leather Recliner Sofa Set

Lindson 3+2+1 Leather Recliner Sofa Set

Your home will definitely transforming into modern spacious in addition of the lindsay recliner to your living room. Contrast upholstery, adjustable recliner set is the additional features in this collection, that gives an maximum comfort for occupants instantly.
Code No: NES 8819
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Sofas,Nitraa,Allen 3+2+1 Luxury Sofa Set

Allen 3+2+1 Luxury Sofa Set

Classic in design, create an ideal environment in your home by adding this sleek leather sofa set. Arm rest of the sofa is carved to follow the contours of the elbows and wrists, making it an ergonomic modern sectional as well.
Code No: NES 8818
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Sectionals Sofas,Nitraa,SS Scottex Modern Corner Sofa Set

SS Scottex Modern Corner Sofa Set

SS Scottex is the best suit for any high profiled home interiors. This modern contemporary sofa is resting on its silver coated chrome legs, with its L shape and structure easy to form setup anywhere in your living space.
Code No: NES 8817
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Sofas,Nitraa,Taupe 3+2+1 Modern Leather Sofa Set

Taupe 3+2+1 Modern Leather Sofa Set

Very beautiful from every angles, this rich yellowish sectional sofa provides maximum comfort in a true contemporary styled design. The tufting artmanship draw the eyes and upholstery centered line design keep the look interesting and ultra chic.
Code No: NES 8815
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Sofas,Nitraa,Fulton Black 3+2+1 Leather Sofa Set

Fulton Black 3+2+1 Leather Sofa Set

Cleo sofa set offering the warm, inviting and elegant and stylish in appearance. Made of pitch-dark leather, this contemporary furniture adds a warm touch to your living room. The internal frame of this sofa set is made of solid hardwood frame so you are sure of its durability.
Code No: NES 8814
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Sofas,Nitraa,AICO Brown 3+2+1 Leather Sofa Set

AICO Brown 3+2+1 Leather Sofa Set

Everytime the elegance comes with this traditionally design choclate brown finish sofa set. Beautify your home space by simply adding this elegant piece of furniture, in addition if you keep ottomans and throw pillows that brings more attractiveness to your living area.
Code No: NES 8813
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Sofas,Nitraa,Clenova  3+2+1 Modern Sectional Sofa Set

Clenova 3+2+1 Modern Sectional Sofa Set

Clenova sofa set is finely upholestered by latest trends, especially to matching for all modern home interiors. This furniture rich in look is definitely eye catching to occupants, generate new look wherever placing this piece of furniture.
Code No: NES 8811
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Sofas,Nitraa,SS Brustle 3+2+1 Blue Sofa Set

SS Brustle 3+2+1 Blue Sofa Set

Dolphin sofa set is classic in design, seats and back cushions are tufted uniquely, it comes in a three seater, two seater and single seater. The grey blue finish complements all modern interiors, filled by quality high density foam on seat and back cushions to provide better comfortness for occupants.
Code No: NES 8810
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Sofas,Nitraa,Louis 3+2+1 Elegant Sofa Set

Louis 3+2+1 Elegant Sofa Set

Louis sofa set gives you lustrous appearance, the comtemporary design is sure to impress your friends and guests alike. Top of the line materials, sandal and light brown upholstery are hand made using top quality fabrics. Premier built. Our inner frames are made of klin-dried hardwood to ensure superior strengths.
Code No: NES 8809
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Sofas,Nitraa,SS Parker House 3+2+1 Casual Sofa Set

SS Parker House 3+2+1 Casual Sofa Set

Wonderful art decoration comes alive on this light brown fabric sofa. The darker wood frame padded with fabric upholestry beautifully invites you to get comfortable. This collection comes with three seater, two seater and single seater all of them brings together styling features that make a sofa spectacular. 
Code No: NES 8808
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Sofas,Nitraa,Sloppy 3+2+1 Brown Sectional Sofa Set

Sloppy 3+2+1 Brown Sectional Sofa Set

This sloppy sofa set is built using solid hardwood frame and covered with the dark brown leather on top and bottom is upholsterd by black fabric. Contrast welt stitching details add a quality touch, while reinforced corner blocks and sinuous wire seating offers stability and support, making it a beautiful addition to any home.
Code No: NES 8807
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Sofas,Nitraa,Brimiso 3+2+1 Cushion Sofa Set

Brimiso 3+2+1 Cushion Sofa Set

This contemporary style sofa has unique features in details are oversized cushion seating, perfectly padded arm rests and divided back rest with high padded tufting styled head rest to relax yourself comfortably while sitting on this sofa. 
Code No: NES 8806
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Sofas,Nitraa,Neolux 3+2+1 Wooden Sofa Set

Neolux 3+2+1 Wooden Sofa Set

Transform your living space with this warm, inviting, shopisticated style sofa. Simple in design, its monotone in finish is easily mixing with any type of home interiors. Curved arm rest, tapered solid wooden leg is unique features in this collections.
Code No: NES 8804
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Sofas,Nitraa,Cabana Black 3+2+1 Cushion Sofa Set

Cabana Black 3+2+1 Cushion Sofa Set

This fraser sofa set is skillfully crafted as per latest trends, add this collection and bring an inviting exposure in your living room. It seat and back rest is overstuffed using high density foam (1.8) materials, enclosed by top grain black leather to provide maximum comfortness for occupants. 
Code No: NES 8803
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Sofas,Nitraa,Sydney 3+2+1 Traditional Sofa Set

Sydney 3+2+1 Traditional Sofa Set

Traditional style and good living is gauranteed with this brown upholstered sofa. A beautiful choice and its quality ensures it stays that way. This special furniture is entirely resting on tappered solid wooden legs, that ensure better support.
Code No: NES 8802
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Sofas,Nitraa,Carlson 3+2+1 Luxury Sofa Set

Carlson 3+2+1 Luxury Sofa Set

The simple design of the carl brown sofa is a perfect fit for your home with any decor, the light brown finish of the sofa makes your living room look classy. Back cushion tufting, top padded design and oversized unique arm rest brings a uniqueness in this speacial sofa. 
Code No: NES 8801
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Sofas,Nitraa,Neylex 3+2+1 Modern Leather Sofa Set

Neylex 3+2+1 Modern Leather Sofa Set

The art decoration is comes alive on this sandal fabric sectional sofa. Make your living room warm and inviting, in addition of this naylor collections. Arm restings in contrasting finish is draws everyones attention in first look.
Code No: NES 8800
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Sofas,Nitraa,Finley 3+2+1 Contemporary Sofa Set

Finley 3+2+1 Contemporary Sofa Set

This modern sectional sofa is a prefect suit for any modern home interiors. If you like contrast, choose this one that produce eye-popping for your guests, who is visiting your home occasionally. Oversized cushion seating ensures better comfortness for occupants.
Code No: NES 8799
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Sofas,Nitraa,Miller 3+2+1 Cream Fabric Sofa Set

Miller 3+2+1 Cream Fabric Sofa Set

If dark color is not your taste, you can choose this creamy white leather sectional sofa for your living space. Finely tufted on back cushion and base as per latest trends, well designed by most experienced craftsmen in this world.
Code No: NES 8798
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Sofas,Nitraa,Liyana 2+1+1 Modern Leather Sofa Set

Liyana 2+1+1 Modern Leather Sofa Set

The leyden white sectional sofa is the right choice for any modern home interiors. It comes with adjustable headrest, which will give more comfortness while sitting and lying on the sofa. The arm rest is generously padded and tufted as per modern accent finish.
Code No: NES 8797
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